What lessons can businesses learn from the latest police audit?

What lessons can businesses learn from the latest police audit?

What can the latest police audit teach us about effective security measures?

According to research underscored in the auditor-general's recent report, speed cameras are effective in reducing fatalities and speed on the road. However, there are ways in which the impact of these cameras can be maximised. These lessons can be extended to protecting business premises from security risks. 

Auditor-general's report on Queensland police

The audit, Report 2: 2015–16, suggested that deploying mobile cameras across the state has positive effects on road safety.

Speed cameras are contributing to slowing drivers down, reducing hospitalisations from road incidents and preventing severe crashes, improving overall road safety.

The Audit Office commends the number of cameras operating in Queensland. In 2008/09, there were 50 mobile, three fixed and 36 red-light cameras deployed. Now, there are 100 mobile, 41 fixed, 74 red-light cameras, seven speed/red-light cameras and one point-to-point camera system.

This brings the total number of cameras operating in Queensland alone to 223, more than double than in 2008/09 (89 cameras).

However, the evidence shows that it is not working as well as it could. The report indicates that site selection, the level of predictability and the type of camera are affecting efficiency. 

Lessons for companies

What can businesses take from this audit?

Properties can derive maximum value from alarm systems by knowing the optimal ways of deploying them, for example, video security to monitor your workplace when you cannot physically be on the premises.

This is particularly useful to foster greater security at night, where there is a higher risk of attempted burglaries. This is noted by the audit report, which stated that increasing the rate of night-time and weekend speed camera use can facilitate greater road safety.

In order to maximise the impact of alarm systems, businesses should be using the right service for the appropriate need.

Modern security solutions are increasingly becoming more sophisticated in preventing theft. If you are concerned about your business premises, contact NSR for advice on the best way to secure your property.

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