What’s the key to university security?

What’s the key to university security?

Some facilities are harder to keep secure than others. Whether this is because they're visited by a large number of people, are massive in size or shut down for extended periods of time, there are a range of buildings that offer a unique set of challenges to security providers. 

Universities in particular encompass all three of these difficulties. Not only are they visited by tens of thousands of people each day, it's possible for them to stretch for hundreds of square metres across multiple campuses. Then, once you've got your head around those challenges all of the students leave for summer holidays and you're stuck with a ghost town. 

According to the Australian Education Network, Queensland is home to just over 230,000 students. So how can campus staff ensure they're providing a safe place for students and their property?

Secure technology

For universities and other tertiary education providers, technology is essential to providing a world class learning environment for their students. Modern campuses are overstocked with all manner of devices, from consumer-grade electronics to one-of-a-kind scientific apparatus. 

If these investments are damaged, stolen or otherwise compromised, it can damage much more than the financial bottom line, as students will be without the resources they need to learn. 

Technology should be kept out of sight where possible, and storerooms can have their security bolstered by video alarm systems, so any after-dark activity can be monitored. 

Get a human perspective

With the size of these facilities, it can be difficult to find a video security solution that comprehensively covers every possible angle. For this reason, it's worth complementing video options with a human presence.

Whether that's with a security guard or a mobile patrol, sometimes having people inspect a location offers a degree of security that technology solutions can't easily match. 

NSR's mobile security patrols will check a location multiple times throughout the night, if something is amiss, they can notify the police in a timely manner. 

Protect your investment

University's are some of the country's most costly institutions when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. After all, it was announced earlier this year that The University of Sydney would be receiving around $1.4 billion in funding to redevelop the entire campus.

An investment like this is bound to attract the attention of burglars who may feel like the large size of these campuses can stretch their security to breaking point. Evidence of construction and recent investments can be an advertisement to these people, so it's worth upping security during these times. 

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