When should you hire a security guard?

When should you hire a security guard?

For some businesses, hiring a security guard may seem like an extreme measure. Despite frequent reports of crime in Queensland, it's all too easy to fall into the trap of believing your business could never be a victim, and being a little too relaxed with your protection measures.

However, for many, the extra cost associated with employing a static security professional can be well worth it, both as a deterrent and having a person trained to handle a number of situations. Let's take a look at two areas in which your business could benefit from the services of a security guard.

1) Reducing shoplifting 

Figures from the Queensland Police show there were over 30,000 reported incidences of shoplifting in Brisbane between 2009 and 2014, an average of just over 16 a day. These are just the occurrences that businesses know about - it's likely that there are countless more that go unnoticed and unreported.

Placing a security guard at the front of a retail store, or circulating around inside, can act as an effective deterrent to potential thieves, who are less likely to try anything if they think they might be observed. For retailers or other businesses with easily pocketed items on site, stemming the losses from shoplifting could more than pay for the wages of a static guard.

2) Preventing armed robbery

While occurring less frequently in Brisbane - 1,600 reports in the five years to 2014 according to the Queensland Police - armed robbery is still a major concern for many businesses. As with the shoplifting example above, however, a security guard may act as a deterrent and protect yourself, your staff and your business. 

Static guards from NSR Security can be hired to serve at any hours you might require, so while they may not be required during the day having one around once the sun goes down may be something worth looking into. Speak to us today about your options.

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