Why your next function could benefit from event security

Why your next function could benefit from event security

Here in Australia, there are few things we love more than a good old fashioned party. Whether it be for a personal event or achievement or any of our national celebrations such as Australia Day or the Melbourne Cup, gathering with friends and family and letting our hair down is an ingrained part of our culture. 

Being the host of a celebratory event, however, brings with it certain responsibilities. The safety of your guests is just as important as their enjoyment, if not more so. So next time you are planning to throw a large party, whatever the occasion, perhaps it's worth considering the need for a professional event security service.

Don't let your event get out of control

As much fun as attending a well-planned event can be, it can only take one or two to ruin the good time for everybody. There's even a somewhat official definition of what constitutes an "out of control event" - a gathering of at least 12 people in which three or more are causing problems, according to the Queensland Police. 

When hosting, you may not be able to control every single attendee at your event, but that doesn't mean you aren't responsible for them. In fact, should you be convicted of organising an out of control gathering, you may find yourself liable for any policing costs associated with policing the event. Addressing any issues before they go too far is one area where hiring security guards can save you plenty of headaches. 

Issues associated with alcohol

For better or worse, it's very common for events both large and small in Australia to have some association with alcohol. As a nation, we spend around $14 billion a year on alcoholic beverages according to Australian Securities and Investments Commission, so it's obviously difficult to totally distance your event from them.

The vast majority of our citizens are perfectly responsible as far as alcohol is concerned, however the substance tends to bring out the worst in a small, but incredibly harmful, minority. The Queensland Coalition for Action on Alcohol recently reported that the state's medical professionals were regularly finding themselves under attack from intoxicated patients, and many hospitals have had to employ their own security staff to cope.

When the time comes for you to organise your next event, think carefully about the potential for problems. If party security is something that you think will be required, give the team at NSR Security a call. 

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