Will organised crime laws prevent thefts in Queensland?

Will organised crime laws prevent thefts in Queensland?

The Queensland government has unveiled a number of measures to tackle organised crime in the state, with $37.4 million of funding committed to the cause.

Earlier this month, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk claimed new legislation would be the "strongest and most robust" in Australia, as the government looks to reduce the amount of serious crimes occurring. If successful, the changes could lower the number of burglaries and other incidents that affect Queensland businesses.

Organisations are often advised to invest in sophisticated video alarm systems, static guards and other security measures to ensure their property and employees remain safe. However, owners will no doubt be relieved to hear ministers are increasing their focus on crime.

"Our planned regime will give the police and our courts workable, enforceable laws to convict those involved in all forms of serious crime," Ms Palaszczuk stated.

"[The laws] will empower police to bring down individuals in criminal organisations, be they child sex predators, drug traffickers, boiler-room fraudsters or outlaw motorcycle gangs."

Of the government's pledged $37.4 million, $20 million will go towards Queensland Police for organised crime prevention. A further $5.3 million has been put aside for the establishment of an independent crime statistics agency.

The remaining $12.1 million is earmarked for the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. According to the government, the money will ensure the body can hire 26 full-time staff.

Ms Palaszczuk said the funding package was in addition to last year's $3.2 million allocation to the Queensland Police, which helped hire 266 officers.

"My government is determined to ensure our police and prosecutors have the resources to target serious organised crime in Queensland," she added.

Only time will tell how successful the new laws are in reducing thefts and other malicious behaviour. In the meantime, business owners may wish to take matters into their own hands by strengthening their on-site security

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