Why Choose NSR?

Why Choose NSR?

So…why choose NSR to look after your security needs?

NSR helps protect hundreds of sites in the region, and are proud service providers for Unitywater and the Moreton Bay Regional Council, protecting council staff, property and infrastructure. With clients ranging from corner stores to industrial factories, our customers enjoy dealing with a security company that exceeds their expectations when it comes to quality, professionalism and efficiency. NSR Security have also won numerous awards for customer service and excellence in business.


We are local…

Does your security company have a local office where you can easily drop by and visit them?

NSR operates from our 24hr Operations Centre in North Lakes, just 45 mins north of the Brisbane CBD. We also have an office in Birtinya on the Sunshine Coast. We employ local staff and support local suppliers, and are active members of our community, supporting local schools, sporting teams and neighbourhood watch groups.

Because we’re local, we share our client’s security concerns, are familiar with local crime trends and can dispatch guards to provide assistance with minimal notice.

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Licensed and insured…

Can your security company provide proof that they are licensed and insured?

Not only is NSR a licensed Class 1 Security Firm, but we have also obtained our licence in Class 2. Individually, our managers hold personal security guard licenses and are licensed security advisors.
All of our security guards hold individual security licenses, specific to their roles (be it crowd control, monitoring, armed guards, cash in transit, dog patrols etc). These licenses are issued by the Department of Justice and Attorney General, and involve government accredited training and police background checks.

We are fully insured under our comprehensive insurance policies for Public Liability ($20 million), Goods in Custody, Loss of Keys, Errors and Omissions and Cash in Transit. We also hold Workers Compensation Insurance through Workcover QLD.

Trained security guards…

Is your security company putting untrained and inexperienced guards at your site?

We have over 80 fully trained and qualified security guards, providing a range of services for our clients. Our guards not only undergo government-accredited training through an approved training organisation, but they must also pass our in-house training and induction. All new guards are paired with a supervisor and given on-the-job training and guidance (dependant on site requirements). Security guards also undertake ongoing refresher training and are continually being up-skilled (including first aid and defensive tactics).

Policies and procedures…

Can your security company provide you with a copy of their policies and procedures?

We have an extensive range of policies and procedures which ensure that our security guards are well-equipped to handle any situation. These range from Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Manuals, to Workplace Health and Safety Policies and our own Business Continuity Plan.

Our security guards are trained in accordance with these documents, which are regularly reviewed and updated. Our management team are similarly trained in accordance with our Business Continuity Plan, which provides clear instructions on how our business will continue to operate (including ongoing security of our clients keys, codes and other information) should an unforseen circumstance arise which affects our own business operation.

Large coverage area…

Does your security company have the resources to respond quickly to an emergency, and can they send extra security guards if needed?

We have more patrol vehicles on the road than any of our local competitors. With many security businesses using one or two cars, we have 17 patrol vehicles servicing North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Our vehicles are fully equipped with GPS, two-way radio, emergency light bars and various other safety and security equipment.

Our fleet is able to cover a larger area, respond to emergency situations quicker, supply backup should our security guards or clients require assistance, and generally provide a greater physical security deterrent. Importantly, this also means that should one of our clients experience a break-in or other security incident, our other clients don’t suffer by having a guard ‘tied up’ at that site: Our Operations Centre simply re-directs the closest patrol vehicles to assist in covering that security guard’s route.

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With our guarding, event security and cash banking services, our guards can cover an even larger area, including south Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Call us on 1300 307 839 to find out if we can service your area.

Proof of service…

Can your security company provide proof that the service you are paying for is actually being carried out?

All patrol vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices, reporting the vehicle’s location back to our Operations Centre. This ensures that management can audit the security guard’s movement during the shift to ascertain whether they are providing the correct services. These devices also provide historical data on the dates and times that a vehicle has visited a site.

To further help us verify the security officer’s patrol times, we also use an electronic attendance verification system. This system uses an electronic sensor placed at each site, as well as a handheld recorder carried by the guard. This allows management to generate numerous reports relating to the guard’s movements during a shift. This system can be used at both mobile patrol and static guarding sites.

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